Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Pregnancy

What Can Modern Ultrasounds Tell You About Your Baby?

Most women are aware of the fact that ultrasounds are used to monitor fetal progress and determine your baby's conception date and gender. But medical science has pushed past the familiar blurry gray image of the traditional ultrasound, and modern technology has made it possible to see the finest details of your baby months before it leaves the womb, including catching early signs of serious medical conditions. These are just three of the most important things your obstetrician can show you as you progress through your routine ultrasounds and pregnancy. Read More 

Non Pregnant Pause: Delaying Your Period With Help

If you are looking forward to a romantic getaway or if you are having a beach vacation and you do not want to have to deal with your menstrual cycle, there are ways that you can delay your period. Delaying your cycle can be a relief, as you can avoid the bloating, heavy bleeding, and cramping while you are trying to have fun. If you want to pause your period, you should seek out help from your gynecologist. Read More 

Helping Your Teen Understand Contraceptives And Birth Control

If you're the parent of a teenager and you haven't had a serious discussion with your child about birth control and contraceptives, then someone else may have already done so. By the time they start high school, 1 out of 6 teens will have already become sexually active, and if they aren't fully informed about their choices, it could end up having serious long term repercussions. The only way to be sure the information they have is accurate and factual is to provide it to them yourself-- just don't underestimate their maturity or intelligence. Read More 

3 Natural Precautions To Take Against Hot Flashes

If you are currently going through menopause, you know just how sudden and uncomfortable hot flashes can be. Seeing a doctor for menopause treatment can be one of the most effective ways of getting some relief, but you might still struggle with hot flashes, even during your treatment. Luckily, there are a few simple, natural precautions that you can take to help prevent them, so give these tips a try so that you can feel more comfortable throughout the day. Read More 

3 Warning Signs That You Need A Mammogram

Breast cancer is something that affects many women. Luckily, there has been so much advancement in healthcare that there are many great treatments for breast cancer, especially if you can detect it early on. This is why it is so important that women recognize the signs of breast cancer so that they can detect the problem early on and get the treatment they need. Here are some things to be aware of. Read More