Non Pregnant Pause: Delaying Your Period With Help

If you are looking forward to a romantic getaway or if you are having a beach vacation and you do not want to have to deal with your menstrual cycle, there are ways that you can delay your period. Delaying your cycle can be a relief, as you can avoid the bloating, heavy bleeding, and cramping while you are trying to have fun. If you want to pause your period, you should seek out help from your gynecologist. Here are a few options that you can exercise when you wish to delay your menstrual cycle.

Birth control pills

One of the easiest methods to control when you get your period is to start a regimen of birth control pills. You gynecologist can write you a prescription for birth control pills and you can have them filled at most pharmacies. You can take a pack of pills and skip the placebo pills in order to skip your period. Ask your gynecologist how often you can safely do this, so that you know you are not throwing off hormones or creating additional problems. You can also request specific birth control pills that purposefully offer seasonal periods.


Norethindrone is a prescription pill that will help you to skip your period for several days at a time. You must take two to three pills at specific intervals each day in order to successfully delay your period. These must be prescribed, so be sure to go see your OBGYN well in advance of your period starting and in advance of your trip. These pills must be started several days in advance of your period in order to be properly effective. Be sure to go over the list of other medications that you take with your OBGYN to make sure that nothing will counteract the effects of each other.

Progesterone creams

Progesterone is a hormone that is naturally created by the female body. When progesterone is lowered, this is the signal to the body to allow the lining of the uterus to shed. In short, this is what brings on your period. If you are in a rush, progesterone creams can be found over-the-counter for usage, though you should always consult your gynecologist to make sure the progesterone is safe for you. The cream form of progesterone is normally applied on the stomach or the thighs similar to a lotion, so you will not have to ingest anything.