3 Warning Signs That You Need A Mammogram

Breast cancer is something that affects many women. Luckily, there has been so much advancement in healthcare that there are many great treatments for breast cancer, especially if you can detect it early on. This is why it is so important that women recognize the signs of breast cancer so that they can detect the problem early on and get the treatment they need. Here are some things to be aware of.

1. Lumps On The Breast

Many professionals recommend that women give themselves self-examinations often seeing that this can be one of the best ways to detect problems. One of the most obvious signs of a problem is a lump in the breast. While pushing down on the breasts in a downward motion do you notice any hard spots? If you do you need to get a mammography right away. Many times you will get lumps, which are pieces of tissue that are benign (non-cancerous), or nursing mothers can get clogged ducts, which is simply milk stuck in the duct that can cause a painful lump. However, in some cases the lump will be a sign of cancer. This is why you should see a medical professional anytime you notice a lump.

2. Changes In Shape and Color of The Breast

As you get older you would expect your breasts to change. This is simply a part of aging, but if you notice a sudden change in the shape or color of your breasts, this could be a sign of breast cancer. This is especially the case if only one breast is affected. Look for things such as redness, cracking of the nipples, or even rashes. Unexplained rashes and discoloration could be a problem.

3. Discharge From The Nipples

Lactating mothers will have a constant discharge from the nipples, and at times you might even have a small discharge of white fluid, even if you are not nursing. However, what you should be looking for is a bloody discharge or a clear discharge in more excessive amounts. This could be a sign of breast cancer or other problems, which is why you should never ignore a blood discharge. Especially if it is coupled with a discoloration or change in the way the nipple looks.

By understanding what to look for, you can detect breast cancer early on. You should be getting a mammogram regularly, and any time when you show one or more of these signs. Contact Women's Care Inc if you have any questions.