Male Gynecologist or Female Gynecologist? Why Women Prefer One over the Other

Doctors have a longstanding tradition of being male. On top of that, female baby doctors are a relatively new phenomenon. Yet, sixty-four percent of all of the practicing gynecologists in the U.S. are still men. So, why would you want to see a woman doctor for obstetrics and gynecology if there are almost twice as many qualified male doctors? The answers are not that surprising.

Male Gynecologists Are Creepy

Many women will tell you that they find male gynecologists creepy or "pervy." They do not want a male doctor poking around their labia and vaginas, no matter how professional the doctor is. Also, male doctors may not be able to find a topic of discussion to talk about with their female patients while they are inserting the speculum into their vaginas. That only makes the process more uncomfortable, even painful for women who would rather be anywhere else than on the exam table. Female doctors know it helps to talk about something completely unrelated to this moment so that their patients will relax their perineum and vaginal muscles enough to allow the speculum to enter. 

Male Gynecologists Are Unrelatable

Just as most men would prefer not to see a female urologist because the doctor does not have a penis of her own, so women do not want to see a male gynecologist because he does not have a vagina. To expect the opposite sex to relate to them and the health needs of their private parts is out of the ordinary. Only a very small percentage of male and female patients are willing to see a doctor of the opposite sex for their genital health and wellness. Women would just prefer to see another woman, and if you feel the same way, you are definitely not alone.

Some Male Gynecologists Are Just Way Too Good Looking

This may sound like a funny reason, but very attractive male gynecologists also make female patients uncomfortable for an entirely different reason. Women worry that a good-looking male OB/GYN would turn them on and they would be too embarrassed to allow the doctor to finish the exam. Other women are worried that a handsome gynecologist might cause them to orgasm, which would also be quite embarrassing. Then there is the issue about leg and pubic hair--you never can decide if you should shave it all off before an appointment or leave it the way nature intended. If you have a female gynecologist and you are not attracted to her, then you just removed all of those concerns and possibilities for embarrassment. For more information, talk to a professional like Rawtani Meera MD.